Saturday, December 22, 2007

World's Largest 3D Street Painting.

This is the largest 3D street art in the world by the German street painter Edgar Muller & a team of artists. The painting is about 280 square meters & the artists have done an amazing job by turning the street into a river.
This was created as part of the Moose Jaw Prairie Arts Festival (2007).

Unusual Cakes

A collection of really interesting cakes or it would be more appropriate to say some of the best cake art we have here. Ranging from laptops, microscope, sewing machine, & plenty more.
All you see above are cakes that can be eaten without any part of it left. No plastics or any other artificial stuff is being used - everything is eatable. All these cakes are by Zhanna from St. Petersburg.

Incredible Trees

Mismanaged Landings